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During the week of March 6, 2000 hearings were conducted by the Joint Commission of Seimas and the Lithuanian American Community (LAC) – five members of Seimas (all heads of their parties), and five members of the LAC, to discuss various issues and to propose areas for legislation. On March 6, 2000, LABAS was invited to speak on concerns about ethics among the Lithuanian Bar. 

Prior to the hearing, LABAS was able to obtain a copy of the 1999 Lithuanian Code of Ethics, and had it translated into English (Click here for the original in Lithuanian). Our English version of the LT Code of Ethics includes valuable footnotes by Tadas Klimas, Dean of the Vytautas Magnus University Law School in Kaunas. For the LABAS presentation on March 6, 2000, Patricia Streeter compared the LT Code to the EU ethics code for cross-border transactions (the CCBE), in effect within the EU. About nine areas of concern were discussed, areas in which the LT code is silent, including that attorney fees should be reasonably related to the work that is performed, and that a client should be advised of the basis for the fee. Also mentioned was absence of any public information about the supervision (or violations) of attorney ethics. 

Present to respond to our remarks were representatives there from the Justice Ministry, Constitutional Court and the Lithuanian Bar (Mr. Motieka). Regina Narusis obtained the transcript in Lithuanian for LABAS to have translated. 

Click here for the official proceedings translated into English or as reprinted in Teises Apzvalga, with explanatory footnotes.

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