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In November 2013, LABAS Board Members participated in hearings on the Rule of Law in Lithuania before the joint Seimas-World Lithuanian Commission. The paper presented at that hearing is available here.

by Patricia A Streeter, PhD

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Legal Documents and Papers

Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania
  (with March 2003 amendments)

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania Decisions from 1992

The Supreme Court of Lithuania Decisions available in Lithuanian only; background information available in English

Organizations located in the United States of America

Lithuanian American Community, Inc.

Lithuanian American Council

Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc.  Representing the Estonian American National Council, Inc., American Latvian Association, Inc., and the Lithuanian American Community, Inc.

Legal Ethics in Lithuania

LABAS has prepared an English language transcription of the March 6, 2000 Joint Commission of the Seimas and Lithuanian American Community (LAC) regarding Legal Ethics in Lithuania.  At this hearing, the Lithuanian ethics were discussed as they compare to the European Union’s Legal Ethics for Cross-Border Transactions (CCBE), as well as public information on attorney ethics, featuring comments and questions of LABAS and LAC members, and responses from members of the Lithuanian Bar.


Lithuanian Government
(in English)

Office of the President
Office of the Prime Minister
Seimas (Parliament)
Ministry of Finance
Special Investigation Service
Constitutional Court
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Justice
Lithuanian Embassy (in Washington, DC)
US Embassy (in Vilnius)

Law Schools in Lithuania

Vytautas Magnus University School of Law. The VMU School of Law is located in Kaunas.  It has an on-line law review published jointly with the Florida Coastal School of Law in cooperation with LABAS, called the  International Journal of Baltic Law.  The VMU School of Law has a web site at: (English version available).

Mykolas Romeris University is located in Vilnius.  On October 28, 2004, the university was renamed.  It was previously the Law University of Lithuania.  It has a web site at: (look for the “EN” in the upper right corner for the English version).

Vilnius University Law Faculty’s web site is at:


Journals and Legal Publications

International Journal of Baltic Law, a law review published jointly between the Vytautas Magnus University School of Law and Florida Coastal School of Law, in cooperation with LABAS.

The VMU Law School has a web site at:

The Florida Coastal School of Law is at


Business Groups and NGOs:

Crime Prevention Centre

Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS)

Human Rights Monitoring Institute (Vilnius)

Lithuanian Institute of Public Administration Training and consulting of civil servants seeking effective, professional and ethical public administration


Decisions from the European Court of Human Rights

For some analysis of recent adverse decisions against Lithuania, visit our ECtHR page, linked here.

For a general database, see the Virtual Exhibition of a Millennium of Lithuanian Culture, managed by the Vilnius University Faculty of History, Department of Theory of History and Culture. This database includes the history of the First Statutes of Lithuania.

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